The importance of refrigerator is not unknown to people. It is an appliance that has ample space for storing drinks and food. The freezer that is found inside the fridge is a crucial part as it helps in keeping raw meat and fish. But what happens when the freezer does not cool properly? If it happens, all food products can get spoiled. In such a situation, either you need to repair it or replace some of the important parts for making it work properly. Few common issues that can be encountered when it comes to a refrigerator include ice-maker breakdown, cooling failure, leakage of water on the floor, noise and many others.

Starting the repairing process

EX1A refrigerator is one of those appliances that functions all day and every day for keeping drinks and food cold. But as it is an electrical appliance, it might not work properly, and it can be mainly due to the presence of faulty parts. In current times, you don’t require hiring professionals for refrigerator repair. You can easily do it by yourself by following the correct methods. But before you start taking out the parts for repairing purposes, make sure that you unplug the wire.

  • Firstly, in the event of a non-working ice maker, it is because of the partial blockage of the water supply. For this, the water inlet tube must be checked. The tube that delivers water to the icemaker sometimes gets plugged with the ice in the event of low water pressure. The trickling water plugs the tube before it can reach the icemaker.
  • A refrigerator that leaks can pose a lot of problems for the household members. The lines of water supply that serve icemakers can leak beneath the fridge. Firstly, the water supply line must be checked. If the fridge has a water dispenser, it must be pulled out for looking out for a leak. The compression nuts need to be tightened if the inlet valve includes a leak. Replacement is necessary for the leakage of the copper tube.
  • Freezer failure is the last thing that any person wishes for. As it can not only melt your ice cream but can also spoil fish and meat. A plethora of malfunctions can emerge that are capable of taking the chill out of the refrigerator. The first thing that you should do is adjusting the temperature control dial. Also, containers must not congest the vents in the freezer compartment.

Importance of tools and parts

Apart from the issues as mentioned above, you might encounter other problems as well such as continual refrigerator noise, replacing the condenser and evaporator fan and many more. These are some situations when you think that you require professional assistance for refrigerator repair. But you can yourself solve these issues with the help of the correct parts and tools. For obtaining the correct replacement parts for your fridge, you will need to specify the model number to the company you are buying the parts from. Other than that, for repairing purposes, you will need tools like nut driver, screwdriver, adjustable wrench and many more.


Your house needs insulation to make it comfortable. Use the correct protective gear while replacing insulation to keep yourself safe from chemicals used during the process.

 Insulating your house can make a lot of difference to your utility bills. Most of that houses that have been built in the olden times do not have any insulation at all. They are quite warm in summer, and cold in winter. Only the rooms that had fireplaces could be kept warm in winter whereas the other rooms remained very cold. The modern concept of air conditioning your home has taken care of this problem. Insulation plays a very important role in the amount of energy required to keep your house warm and cool during winter and summer respectively.

 Wearing protective gear        


There are different kinds of insulation available in the market which can be used to make your home comfortable during both hot summer months, and cold winter seasons. Whatever type of insulation you choose for your house can be harmful to you, if not handled properly. Protective gear is essential while replacing insulation in your house. Some examples are given below:

  • Some of the materials like cellulose and fiberglass used for insulation can irritate the skin. Even rigid materials can also cause irritation. Wear masks, rubber gloves, and goggles when handling any kind of insulation material. Tucking in your shirts inside your pants and wearing full sleeved shirts while carrying out the insulation protect your body and prevents the material from coming in contact with your skin.
  • The latest technology being used for insulation is spray foam that insulates the house better, because it can fill all crevices and cracks that normal insulation cannot. Reversely, it can also get into your clothes very easily and cause a lot of discomfort and itching. Furthermore, the chemicals used for preparing this spray have to be mixed on site that poses a danger to you and your family members. Special suits are available with masks and visors to handle this type of insulation that covers you from head to toe. You can wear these suits over your normal clothes to prevent any chemical from coming in contact with your body.
  • Leave out ample space around places which generate heat, such as electrical fittings. Preventing the normal dissipation of heat can cause these fittings to become extremely hot causing fires. It adds to the protection of your house from future fire hazards that you should keep in mind while changing the insulation.
  • Protect your house from future fire hazards by checking status of the electrical wiring before carrying out the process of insulation in your house. Frayed and exposed cables can cause fires when the insulation in direct contact with electrical wire gets heated up.

Importance of safety

Insulate your house one room at a time, and ensure that it is sealed off from the rest of the house. Move your family to a different place for their safety whenever replacing insulation in your house. It will prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring. Doing the insulation job yourself may save you a lot of money. But a faulty installation can cause danger to you and your family in future. Getting professional help is a better option because you can use their expertise to do a great job of insulating your house from the external heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter.


Hiring a home handyman can be beneficial for executing a host of repair jobs. Moreover, these skilled professionals charge per hour, thus, employing them is also cost effective.

At such crucial times, when you have a compilation of home repair and improvement jobs, a handyman is surely your best companion. A handyman possesses unsurpassed excellence on almost all the major repairs of your home. From repairing your toilet faucet to painting your walls, they can practically, do anything. The most efficient handyman is also capable of fixing plumbing, as well as fitting electrical equipment. But, prior to your investment in hiring a handyman, you must gain comprehensive knowledge on the person’s expertise. Moreover, you can also hire the skilled individuals certified by the state’s contractor association or boards.

List of possible repairs

Now, you might have an inventory of repair jobs to be done. Imagine the cost you will incur by hiring separate professionals for each job. Cost effectiveness and efficient utilization of resources are two most significant benefits of a home handyman. Moreover, by hiring a single person, you will not have to deal with the conflicting date issues of individual professionals. Furthermore, a handyman charges you per hour. Therefore, even if he performs multiple repair jobs, the cost remains the same if performed within the stipulated time frame of an hour.


  • Amidst the most potential home repair jobs, leaking bathroom faucet is the most common. An efficient handyman will render useful assistance in repairing the leak as well as successfully install new fixtures in the bathroom.
  • Reducing the gaps between your home doors and windows considerably increase the energy efficiency and reduces utility costs. In this regard, a skilled handyman will perform caulking with great care, to reduce the gaps.
  • Because of hostile climatic conditions, the wooden furniture of your house can get damaged. Moreover, the beautiful porches and decks in your house have to bear the brunt of time. On such occasions, seek the help of a handyman and they will be ever ready to replace worn out boards. Apart from that, the handyman will coat your board with layers of sealant as well as improve its safety parameters.
  • Now, you cannot climb to your house roof to clean the gutter. It is at such times that an efficient handyman, with the appropriate set of equipment, will complete the task. That is not all; installation of gutter guards will also be undertaken.
  • In case there is a loose siding piece or missing shingle on the exterior of your house, the handyman is your instant solution. Quite unlike the specialists, they will charge less.

Inappropriate for severe repair jobs

Almost all your major home repairing jobs can be efficiently handled by a home handyman. Nevertheless, there are repair issues that do not fall within the purview of the handyman. Any repair job that requires a permit is outside the limit of a handyman. AC fixing, electrical jobs and severe plumbing issues are beyond their capabilities. Moreover, some of them are also not equipped enough to repair heat units. But in spite of these inabilities, a handyman is of great help and also available at affordable per hour rates of approximately $70 and a bit more in few occasions.


Do You Need A Pro To Fix Broken Locks?

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The help of a professional locksmith is not always needed to repair broken locks. Some basic problems can be solved if you try fixing them yourself.

As the lock on the outer door is the one that is used regularly, it faces a lot of wear and tear that can lead to mal-operation. Before calling in a professional locksmith, you can try to repair it yourself failing which, you can hand over the repair job to a professional locksmith. Sometimes it is impossible to repair the lock by yourself, and there is no alternative left but to call a retired locksmith.

Some common problems


Many common problems with broken locks can be fixed without calling a professional locksmith to fix it. Problems that generally occur include locks not operating smoothly. When you try to turn a lock, you may find that it is not working smoothly. There may be a large number of reasons for this. The locks put on doors outside the building may freeze due to the cold weather and the locks used inside the building may get dirty. You can squeeze some graphite into the keyhole or dust the key with some graphite and then insert it into the lock. Try to operate the lock a few times to see whether it becomes free or not. You can also use de-icers that can dissolve the dirt and remove the stickiness with their alcohol content. If it still does not work, then you have to dismantle the lock, change the broken part if any, and reassemble it instead of buying a new one.

 Locks damaging irreparably

Deadbolt is getting stuck. This again may happen if there is a misalignment, and the deadbolt is forced into the throat of the strike hole. Filing the throat of the strike plat, and edges of the deadbolt may solve the problem. If it does not, then you have to remove the strike plate, fill up the holes made by the screws with wood matchsticks and gum and then fix the strike plate in a new position. The key breaks inside the lock. Sometimes, while forcing the key to turning in the lock results in the key breaking with the broken portion remaining inside the lock. Try to get the broken piece out with a needle-nosed- pliers. If you cannot remove the broken piece, then dismantle the lock and take it to the locksmith for fixing broken locks.

Problems with locks

The cylinder of the lock turns when you turn the key. This happens when the set screws that hold the cylinder in place breaks or becomes loose. You can fix this problem by removing the face plate and tightening the set screws or replacing them if they are broken.Lock is not latching properly. This might be a problem due to a misalignment between the strike plate and the latch. It may occur due to loose door hinges. Tighten the screws of the door hinge and then loosen the screws holding the strike plate. Shift the plate up or down or sideways to realign it with the latch. Sometimes the strike plate has to be filed so that the latch can move into it easily. Replacing the strike plate with an adjustable one may be a better idea.   Check all screws and tighten them before adjusting the strike plate as the misalignment can occur due to various reasons.

Get professional help

If everything you try fails, then there is no other option left but to call a professional locksmith to fix the lock. The job has to be done immediately, because damaged lockscan cause you to remain outside your home or can confine you to your home for long period. The professional locksmiths are available on call round the clock, and they are ready to fix any problem with the lock as soon as you place the call. They come in fully equipped vans which are used by them as mobile workshops so that every kind of problems with the lock can be fixed immediately and on the spot.


Now, with so many DIY steps, replacing any form of ceiling fixture is an easy task, after all. There is trusted and step by step option available so that you can easily switch the lighting and change your ceiling fixtures, without wasting money for any professional. There are little simple and easily available stuff needed, for this segment. From the ladder to a screwdriver, you need the basic items, which are used for changing any fixtures. Moreover, you can even try and look for wire cutters, new fixture and even wire stripper, as some of the other products, for changing your ceiling fixtures. Special wire nuts are also available, for this segment.

Follow some simple steps

In case, you are looking for replacing ceiling fixtures but without wasting money for any professional contractor, wait no further and get in touch with the steps, which are easily available. All you need to do is jut log online and look for the articles, where you can find all sorts of value added services, without making a fuss.

    • For the first step, you have to shut the power off of the circuit board. This helps to control the fixture in its place. For the next step, you have to try out the light switch, to ensure that the power is turned off.
    • Make sure to remove any form of the old globe from ceiling fixtures. Some companies have decorative knobs for you, and others have some screws, which are presented on sides. You need to hold the globe with one hand and start unscrewing.

  • After removing the globe, you have to remove the light bulbs and unscrew the available mounting bracket. Avail the wire groupings, which are connected with wired nuts. You can easily unscrew the nuts and untangle the present wires.
  • You need to refer first to instructions, which come handy with the new fixture. The grounding table, on the other hand, comprises of green grounding terminal. You need to wrap the available grounding wire first and come out of housing box. This is related to the terminal and tightens up with the available screwdriver.
  • For this step, you are asked to connect black wire associated with the fixture to the wire of housing box. You need to snip nearly half inches of the wire and make the tips even. Ensure to place the wire nut over wires and twist the wires properly.
  • You have to connect the white wires in the same manner and carefully help in folding the connected wires, in the related housing box. You need to assemble the fixture, accordingly and with the instructions, associated with it.

Provide the same wattage

After you have followed the steps, which are mentioned above, you need to provide the light bulbs now, with the same wattage, as mentioned in the fixture. These are some steps associated with replacing ceiling fixtures of your choice. After fixing the lights, last step is to attach the bowl or the canopy back to its place with screws and more. You have to restore the circuit well and turn on the switch to check if it is working properly, or not.


Foundation cracks occur at buildings, but must be handled and controlled with great expertise and knowledge regarding the subject. Wide cracks must be taken care of immediately.

The foundation and the structural framework of buildings possess some cracks. It solely depends on the kind of materials and the construction procedure used for laying the foundation of buildings. You can find cracks in all sorts of buildings, whether the buildings are of wood or cement. You will also notice that the cracks occur due to different reasons. Shrink in concrete might lead to such cracks. Cracks might occur due to the damp on the laid foundation wall. But it’s true that you will also find ways to handle and keep it under control.

Assessment of cracks

4You are certainly wondering about the assessment of foundation cracks to control it. You must notice the exact position and order of the cracks occurring. Depending on your assessment, you must take some steps to either control the cracks, or might not take actions in case the cracks do not requiremending. You might find the shrinkage cracks that might require repair. You can easily notice the shrinkage cracks to run down directly to the floors that might cause great problems for the foundation.

  • There are shrinks that might not need your attention so much. Concrete shrink is one of them as you can see that the crack created, though shrink heals with due course of time.
  • Look out for cracks on brick walls that might pose dangerous threat to your foundation. If these cracks do occur on houses, you must seek any expert’s advice; otherwise there are high possibilities of your wall collapsing.
  • But you will see that most of the cracks are repairable. They are hairline fractures, shrinkage cracks or expansion cracks in most of the cases. But if the cracks occurring at your foundation possess depth of ¼’, then you must be getting ready to look out for ways to control it.
  • The interesting part is that, you can trace the cracks occurring vertically, horizontally, diagonally. The cracks that occur vertically are due to disrupted footing settings. You see the diagonal foundation cracks due to severe cold climate, backfilling problem, the growth of shrub and others.
  • Consulting engineers for ¼” wide cracks becomes necessary, otherwise it may lead to devastating problems that later might get out of hand. Many instances you might consider it as something which you can take care later, but this may lead to collapse of your wall.

Handy solution for foundation cracks

It certainly falls on your duty to be aware of the solutions of foundation cracks. You must look out to prevent your walls and foundation from damage due to moisture. You will find different methods of dealing with different kinds of cracks. Latex mixed with dry patch powder seal small cracks. If you want to take care of ¼” wide crack, then you can fill the crack with latex caulk through the caulking gun. After this procedure, you must put water in the patch regularly for at least two times of the day. You continue this for almost a week, after which you will find a miraculous result. Take care of such cracks at the initial stage itself.


The plumbing system of your house includes a lot of components among which water heater is a costly one. Most issues with this component are easy to fix. Inadequate hot water, too cold or hot water and smelly water are few of the issues. The worst problem that you can bump into is a leaking tank. These issues can make your life troublesome. For instance, suppose it is the winter months, and all you are getting is cold water. This, it can be a huge problem. Learn about the common problems and the techniques of repairing today for making life more convenient.

Things to know


When it comes to the frustrating water heater problems, life can be pretty messy. But when you attempt to fix the heater, you need to keep certain things in mind. For instance, you must have correct knowledge about the technique of draining the water itself. Begin by putting off the heater in the gas supply or the electric panel and allow the water inside to cool. After closing the intake of cold water, fasten a pipe to the drain valve located near the tank’s bottom. Lastly, make sure that the hot water tap is open before you open the drain valve.

  • The first problem that every household has experienced at least once is the availability of no hot water in the water heater. If this happens, you can know that the gas thermocouple or the heating element is not operating in the correct manner. However, you must not worry as these are replaceable components that can be replaced by yourself that will offer you with the usual supply of hot water.
  • Secondly, you might encounter an issue where you are obtaining either too hot water or too cold water. This usually happens when the thermostat on the tank is changed. If the temperature is lowered or raised to a few degrees, the tank will again function properly.
  • Thirdly, there are some situations where you will find that a strange noise is coming from the inside of the tank. When sediments gather up in the tank, such noises occur. Also, noises might occur when the heating element burns out. In such situations, all you need to do is substitute the element.
  • The pressure relief valve might give you some problems. You are obtaining two options that are related to the valve. Firstly, you can flush out the relief valve that will make sure that it is in the correct position. Secondly, you can replace it that is a common scenario.

Importance of maintenance

You hardly think about the water heater system as it is not always visible in front of your eyes. But when you actually notice, it is mainly when you encounter water heater problems. Be it any device or machine, maintenance is highly important. Proper cleaning and replacement of certain spoilt parts is crucial for ensuring that the heater works properly. Bathing with too cold or hot water can be quite inconvenient. Thus, extend the life of the tank by taking out a little time for maintenance.